About Me

After visiting a hypnotherapist who put me back in control of my life when I felt I'd run out of options, & 'fixed me' quicker than I ever could have hoped, I realised I wanted to be 'that person'. So I ditched my 'regular job' (architecture was never where I had wanted to be anyway), kept my passion going in what I was already enjoying (nutrition and sports science - only 'for fun' at that time), and did what it took to get me where I am now - I am proud to be The Control Freak.


The boring bit - Qualifications include DipHyp, DNLP GQHP GHReg (MHS), Also

For your peace of mind, I am bound to abide by the Code of Ethics of the  General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, a link to their wensite can be found below.


I'm doing what I love, with people who love the fact I can help them. People come to me when they are feeling like they have lost control in an area (or even all areas) of their life. This might be something as simple to cure as nail biting which is making them feel self conscious about their hands. For some, they are suffering with long term crippling anxiety & depression, and have only been offered 'conventional medicine' and sent away by the doctor with a bucket load of medication and told to 'try and stop worrying'. (Seeing truly life changing results for people with the biggest challenges is my all time favourite - the HUGE differences I can help them create in their lives in such a short space of time still even amazes me!)

Other things you might like to know about me -


- I treat from experience in alot of the treatment areas - you can ask me when you see me about anything I have ever had - I'm proud to have been through so much 'loss of control', and be in control at the end of it.

                       - I've had severe anxiety for most of my adult life

                       -  I've been so low in my life I have considered the unthinkable

                       - I suffer pain (sometimes chronic) on a daily basis due to some medical conditions

                       - I've controlled my diet (and my mind) to both lose and gain weight

                       - I've competed in sports at a national level

                       - I'm a bit OCD (it drives my wife mad)


- I'm not always happy


- I'm 47, married, with 2 kids (one is a teen - help me!!!), and 2 dogs (help me even more please!!!)


- I'm a bit sweary..... infact sometimes I'm a lot sweary........ swearing is a sign of an honest person so I'm never going to apologise for it


- I wear a lot of pink... my house is pink ...... I have a pink fridge, pink kettle, pink bedroom walls......... I LOVE PINK - it's a feel good colour so I like to have it around me


- If I could have dinner with 10 people (dead or alive), they would be (in no particular order) - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Monroe, Ayrton Senna, Freddie Mercury, Bob Dylan, Albert Einstein, John Lennon, Donald Trump and Mick Ashby (thats my father by the way).


- I'm not religious but I have beliefs


- I go ghost-hunting ..... ask me about it sometime!


- I'm a 'try everything once' person. Except Heroin and following my wifes request of stopping buying new training shoes!


- When Im not dealing with clients I find myself either in the gym, walking outside in the fresh air (barefoot on grass is optional and rain doesnt bother me), riding old BMX's, reading scientific literature and self-help books for research, doing the household shopping and cooking.